Water damage can be caused by anything from burst pipes to storm flooding. No matter the source, a prompt response within the first 24-48 hours will greatly reduce the harmful effects of moisture penetration that can shut down a private or multifamily home, commercial property, or health- or child-care facility.

TEDDY'S Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. is available around the clock to assist with any type of water damage. Our professional, thoroughly trained team arrives within minutes to clean up the water mess. We also deal with mold remediation so your water problem does not become even worse.
Types of water damage we handle?
  1. Basement flooding
    Basement flooding
    Broken water heaters and sump pumps, cracks in your foundation, and poor drainage on your property can all lead to a flooded basement, structural damage, and even mold. Flood water is unsanitary and requires specialized handling. Leave this messy cleanup to the pros.
  2. Leaking pipes
    Leaking pipes
    Water from broken or leaky pipes in your kitchen or bathroom, or old pipes in the basement cause serious water damage—and even lead to mold—if not water damage is not thoroughly dried and cleaned. Our experts check walls, floors, and subfloors for damage, and clean up the mess.
  3. Burst or frozen pipes
    Burst or frozen pipes
    Freezing temperatures outside means poorly insulated pipes inside can freeze and burst, causing extensive water damage. We remove the water, and make sure the entire affected area is dry.
  1. Faulty appliances
    Faulty appliances
    Washing machines and dishwashers can fail without warning, and overflow mid-cycle. Our water damage restoration services remove the water, and completely clean and dry the affected area.
  2. Tornado and storm damage
    Tornado and storm damage
    Pounding rains can cause flash flooding, resulting in storm drains, creeks, and rivers overflowing onto residential and commercial properties. We use industry-grade equipment to handle all your water damage restoration and renovation needs resulting from storm damage.
  3. Sewer line backup
    Sewer line backup
    Contaminated, unsanitary water from a sewer line backup requires emergency handling by trained professionals. Our cleaning techniques for sewage and sewage water includes safe removal, and thorough cleaning, decontamination, and sanitization of your property.
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The Water Damage Restoration Process

Inspect and Assess Water Damage
We fully assess the water damage to determine the full extent of the cleanup and restoration needed by:

Investigating the origin of the leak or water entry and stopping it at the source​​
Inspecting the water-soaked area and classifying the type of damage
Categorizing the level of contamination and potential biohazards in the water
Developing a cleanup strategy
Protecting belongings from further moisture damage
Providing you and your insurance company with a guaranteed estimate using the industry-standard Xactimate® cost estimator
Extract Water and Implement Drying and Dehumidification
We provide a suitable environment for residents and employees, avoid further contamination and ensure cleanliness and safety by:

Removing standing water from the premises using truck-mounted equipment
Employing air movers, fans, electric panels and dehumidifiers to dry and remove moisture the water-damaged area
Installing moisture-detecting infrared cameras and hygrometers to guard against residual dampness behind walls, under subfloors, in attics, and anyplace where mold, mildew, and bacteria can grow
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Salvage and Store Undamaged Possessions
We preserve as many of your belongings as possible by:
Identifying salvageable home or building contents and setting them aside for cleaning
Protecting valuables off-site with our pack-out and storage services
Clean and Dispose of Hazardous Materials
We ensure cleanliness and safety by:
Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing furnishings, carpets, drapes, and other belongings and fixtures using safe and effective professional-grade detergents and antimicrobials
Cleaning HVAC units and doing HEPA vacuuming to reduce airborne contaminants
Identifying moisture sources and evaluating and eliminating mold and bacterial growth
Removing debris and structural items that cannot be salvaged and safely disposing of all hazardous materials
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Restore and Reconstruct
Restoration is completed by:
Inspecting your residential or commercial property for any remaining signs of water damage
Assisting you in returning all belongings from storage
Performing a final inspection to ensure your building is returned to its predamage condition
Retreating moisture- or mold-infested areas as necessary
Providing reconstruction as needed; we also offer a “Service Provider Hiring Guide” to help during reconstruction
Support Insurance Claims
We help you get the full settlement you are entitled to by:
Taking photos of the damaged areas and contents before and after cleaning and restoration
Documenting the damage and detailing our cleanup and restoration processes
Storing our notes and photos online so you and your insurer have full access to claim information

Let us help you restore your property and your peace of mind.